Repairs & Valeting

Regular maintenance of your valuable sails and covers will help sustain the life of your investment. Here at C&J we recommend and provide a service that ensures your sails and covers are professionally inspected, cleaned and serviced. 

The following is a brief description of the valeting service we offer at C&J Marine Ltd.

Valeting Sails

Sails should be cleaned thoroughly and methodically inspected for any signs of general 'wear and tear'. Frayed or broken stitching and chafeing around the edges and corners are vulnerable areas. Particular attention is also paid to sacrificial UV strips on the foot and leech of a roller genoa, cross trees and spreader chafe on overlapping headsails and lazyjack chafe on mainsails (unfortunately some lazyjack systems have sharp pins and edges on the blocks).

Your clean, dry, and repaired covers and sails can then be securely stored away, free of charge*, at our premises during the close season ready for when you need to use them again in the Spring.

Valeting Covers

After cleaning canvas covers to remove dirt particles, salt crystals and other damaging abrasives, re-proofing is generally recommended. This puts the protective water resistant coating back on the outside of the fabric. A thorough inspection of the covers for 'wear and tear' is highly recommended. The condition of the canvas is vital to the life span of your cover; and tell tale signs of fibre UV degradation can generally be spotted. Windows, straps, fasteners and stitching are closely examined and repaired only where necessary.

Pricing and Charges

Valeting charges vary for covers and sails, depending on the weight of, fabric type and design of the cover or sail. Accurate quotations for costs can only be supplied upon visual inspection of the goods either at our premises or onboard. However, estimated guide prices are available upon request. For further information please contact any member of our sales team on 01243 785485 or complete our enquiry contact form on the website.

* Free storage is available if the cost of valeting and repairs is settled within 2 weeks from the invoice date. A small monthly charge will be applied on invoices settled outside the 2 week period.


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