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If you want no-nonsense, straightforward cruising sails without all the bells and whistles, the Kemp Super Cruise range is a perfect choice. We incorporate all the features you're ever likely to need for coastal cruising - and, should you take part in the occasional club race, you'll be surprised at the difference a new suit of sails can make!

Although they don't have all the go-faster features and higher-tech fabrics of some of our more expensive sail ranges, the shape built in by our computer-aided-design will ensure first-rate performance.

Combine that with our careful selection of cloth according to the load pattern in the sail - plus our top quality finishing - and you can be sure of efficient, easy-to-use and durable sails at a highly competitive price.

Before your sails are started, of course, we need accurate measurements - because no matter how carefully a sail is cut, it's no good if it doesn't fit the boat. That's why we'll measure your boat when possible. If it isn't, and we're working on figures you've supplied, we'll cross-check them against a sail plan to try and eliminate any possibility of error.

We also ask you to provide us with measurements from your boat, not your old sails. Other important factors include genoa track positions, so we can ensure the correct sheeting angle. In short, we take every care to ensure that your new sails fit, perform and last. Full details of your sails' specification will be shown on your quotation - and the features and extras for each of the sail ranges are as described on the relevant specification sheet.

Here is an outline of what the Kemp Sails Super Cruise range includes:

MAINSAILS: Reef point, sail numbers, logo (where appropriate), luff sliders, Loose foot or rope foot, leech line, glassfibre battens in velcro closure pockets, telltales at each batten, webbed Head,  Clew, & Tack attachments, separate luff, leech and foot tapes, and sail bag.

GENOAS: Either a pre-stretched luff rope with bronze piston hanks in grommets, or a headfoil luff tape. Cross-cut or radial design depending on specification. Sail numbers (if specified), separate leech, luff and foot tapes, webbed Head, Clew, & Tack attachments, telltales and sail bag.

ROLLER GENOAS: Luff tape to suit headfoil. Ultraviolet protective strips in a choice of colours. Soft webbing head and tack tapes. Other features as for standard genoas.

SPINNAKERS: Radial head, Tri-radial, Asymmetric or Star-Cut designs. Colour-coded corners, leech tapes and foot tapes. Head and clew labels. Sail numbers (if required).  Triple stitched, anti-snag seams. Side-launching bag.


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