Gypsy Caravan Bow Cover

Gypsy Caravan Bow Canvas Cover. Currently only supplied in Green Cotton Canvas
£295.00 incl VAT

The canvas is not shaped, but there will be seams as the canvas is 180cm wide

The normal way of installing these are to tack or nail it in place and then fit some capping or batten rails over the top of the edges. The canvas can then be trimmed to suit.

Please note; we do not normally supply the rails or capping.

The cotton canvas we use is a proofed canvas, so very suitable for your application. It is recommended that you order a larger size than you need as this traditional cotton canvas can sometimes shrink by up to 5%

We use a polyester anti-wick thread for the seaming, please see our FAQ for more information on this.

Once the canvas has been fitted and tensioned we would recommend that the seam be sprayed with water. This will help with the ant- wick properties of the thread. i.e it will swell and fill the stitch holes.


Please see product specfications below:

  • 1.80m Long x 3.00m Wide. (no sewn seam)
  • 2.70m Long x 3.00m Wide. (1 x sewn seam)
  • 3.60m Long x 4.00m Wide. (1 x sewn seam)
  • 4.50m Long x 4.50m Wide. (2 x sewn seams)
  • 5.40m Long x 5.00m Wide. (2 x sewn seams)


If you have a requirement for a caravan cover, either one such as this or a different style, contact us on 01243 785485 or email us at

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