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Over the last 2 or 3 years the demand for Bimini Enclosure style canopies has been on the increase.

The obvious benefits are for all to see; a combination of a Bimini and a Cockpit Enclosure using 1 set of framework. You don’t need 2 separate Bimini and Cockpit Enclosures, with 2 sets of frames. The Bimini element can be quickly transformed into a lovely protective cover. Ideal in the climate we experience in the UK, lots of wind and rain with the occasional week of really hot glorious sunshine!!

However, a word of warning here… yachts get larger, so does the canvas work. This could lead to more windage, more surface area for rain, snow and ice to collect on and subsequently some areas for concern regarding the functionality of this canopy style.

During winter when your beloved yacht is not being used, naturally a Bimini Enclosure could be left in-situ protecting the cockpit; it makes sense. But….as some of our customers do not live locally to their yachts this can cause other issues as you may not be able to get down to your yacht to remove the Bimini/Enclosure before the bad weather arrives. On larger yachts, it is not recommended that these hefty Bimini Enclosures are left up in adverse weather; you wouldn’t leave your sails up in a force 10, would you??

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