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After re-assessing the weather we have made the decision to close for the rest of today!
Please email and we will respond on Monday! Many thanks!

Keep safe and warm, and if you get the opportunity over the weekend check the boat!

We are currently open for business on this snowy day!!! We will be re-assessing the conditions later on this morning as to whether we remain open as nothing is more important to us than the safety of our staff! Keep safe everyone it looks like its only getting worse!
For up to date information on our opening times today (Friday 18th January), please visit our Facebook page
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Although the Met Office are asking us to be aware over the coming few days, the unpredictability of our weather and some unusual weather events over the past few years, (remember the ‘significant snow event’ of 2010), means we must be on our toes when protecting our valuable boats and equipment.

Colder weather for the next few days


Be prepared! C&J Marine suggests that our customers need to………..

Make sure that any loose covers are tensioned correctly. Ensure that any lines, straps, shockcords, fittings etc are up to the job and replaced if necessary. It won’t take too much snow and ice to find the weak spots, exposing your sail, cockpit, teak decking or timber work to the harsh, damaging elements of winter. Prepare now, don’t leave it too late.

If you’re thinking about leaving your sails on for the winter, don’t!.  Remove them and bring them in to us for a valet and storage. If sails are left on, they may not be there when you get the chance to visit your boat again; well bits of them may be still attached to the forestay and boom, if you’re lucky!

Protect! If you haven’t got any covers on your sails, or your cockpit or timberwork is open to the elements. Act now! We still have time to supply Cockpit Enclosures, Cockpit Tonneau’s, Overall Winter Covers, Sail and Hatch covers before the possible extreme Winter weather sets in.

Sails and Covers cost a lot of money, a little effort and preparation now will protect your investment over the next few months and from whatever Mother Nature decides to throw at us. They will be ready for you again to use in the Spring.

If you can’t get down to your boat for a while, call us! We will be able to help. We regularly visit most marinas and boatyards in the Solent area and can visit your boat, tighten a few things up, make sure your sails and covers are secured, even remove the sails for you and store them in our workshop.*

*Charges will apply for these services. Prices are dependent on the type of work being undertaken. Estimates can be given prior to work commencing.

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