Barbaros 650 Sprayhood

The C&J Marine Sprayhood has been expertly patterned to fit your Barbaros 650 perfectly, increasing the comfort on board whilst enhancing the pleasure of your sailing and the appearance of your yacht. Manufactured from easily maintained, durable UV stable and waterproof fabrics the C&J Sprayhood will provide superb functional and practical protection from the elements.

Barbaros 650 Sprayhood Coastal  -  An ideal Sprayhood for coastal, channel and lake sailing

  • choice of 3 standard marine p.u. coated acrylic canvas colours
  • standard grade front panel windows
  • tubular marine grade stainless steel frame
  • standard nylon frame and deck fittings
  • standard UV stabilised anti-wick polyester thread
  • 1 year standard "back to base" warranty
£810.00 incl VAT

Additional Options available for your Sprayhood

  • FOC when ordering a Cockpit Enclosure, RRP normally £65.00 ex vat

  • FOC when ordering a Backdrop, RRP normally £65.00 ex vat
Barbaros 650 Sprayhood Offshore  -  A Sprayhood configured for offshore and warmer climate sailing

As the Coastal option with the addition of:

  • a choice of 10 standard marine acrylic canvas colours
  • standard grade rollaway front panel centre window
  • stainless steel deck fittings and stainless steel internal frame fittings upgrade
£972.00 incl VAT

Additional Options available for your Sprayhood

  • FOC if welded grab handle ordered

  • FOC when ordering a Cockpit Enclosure

  • FOC when ordering a Backdrop
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